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Taking Control of the Weather

28 September 2018 - House 804 - Just a few days ago, the House of Commons voted and passed the 2018 Climate Change Bill. No, this is not a bill about "global worming". Instead, it's a joint partnership between the Boshka Space Agency (BSA), Boshka Department of Energy (DOA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Together, these agencies will take Boshka farther beyond any country has ever gone. Beginning in 2019, Boshka will start Geo-engineering or modifying the climate. In a few simple steps over the next four years, Boshka will be able to adjust the temperature in Boshka, just like you would a thermostat. We are not building a dome, but by taking these steps, we will be able to control the climate around Boshka essentially. The Bill outlines the steps and gives a timeline when key opponents to this huge undertaking will take place. Soon, you will start to see a brighter, warmer Boshka.

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