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The Administration


"The things that we accomplish today, will forever be remembered for all of humanity." 

- President Michael R. Bannister

Michael R. Bannister

President of The Commonwealth of Boshka

          Michael Ryan Bannister was sworn in as Boshka's 25th President on February 6, 2008.


          President Bannister was first elected to the House of Commons in 2006 as the New Democratic Party of Boshka Member of the Senate for Carnswell. He stepped down in 2007 to become Vice President (later President) of the National Citizens Coalition, a non-partisan Boshkan organization that advocates for individual freedoms and accountable government. In 2007, President Bannister won the leadership of the Boshkan Alliance, became Leader of the Official Opposition and returned as Speaker of the House.

          In 2007, the members of the Boshkan Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party of Boshka voted to unite as the new Conservative Party of Boshka, and selected President Bannister as their first leader. President Bannister is the first elected president of Boshka.

          To express Michael’s love for wildlife, he made a generous donation to the W.W.F. (World Wildlife Fund) in 2008. With this donation a symbolic adoption of a polar bear was made in his name.


           In 2013, President Bannister created the Department of Animal Welfare, a department in the Federal Government that insures the safety and wellbeing of all animals. Not only in Boshka, but all around the world. In 2013, President Bannister made an unannounced, top secret visit to Chief Saunooke Bear Park in NC. USA after hearing and seeing devastating video of the park and the way they treated the bears.  The Department of Animal Welfare, along with outside agencies, contacted the USDA, and urged them to take action. The USDA suspended it’s license

          President Michael R. Bannister was born on 10 October 1987 in Anderson, SC. USA. Currently President Bannister has a State Certified Pharmacy Technicians license (CPhT) and is nationally certified (PTCB).


          At the beginning of 2008, President Bannister worked in the private sector for eight years in retail pharmacy. Today, President Bannister works for the largest state government agency in the nation as a public health official and as an emergency coordinator.

The Cabinet

          The Commonwealth of Boshka Cabinet is part of the executive branch of the government. Cabinet members are appointed by the president and confirmed by the members of the Senate to become the secretaries of the executive departments: State, Labor, Defense, Interior, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs. The attorney general also is an appointed Cabinet position.

Executive Offices

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