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Anthems, Symbols & History 
The National Anthem of The Commonwealth of Boshka
The Light of Boshka
First Boshkan Flag 2006
The Boshkan Flag 2007 - 2017
Former Boshkan Flag

This flag in on display at the National History Museum of Boshka in Carnswell. It is believed to be the first official flag created for Boshka in 2006.

The Boshkan Flag Today
About Our Flag

The Triangles: There are a total of 16 triangles. Each one representing the original 16 provinces of Boshka.

Blue: Our Nation's War Dead

Gold: The rising sun over the mountain spreading hope throughout the land.

Red: Freedom and Liberty


"Omnes Sunt Aequalis" (Latin) (Official) "All Are Equal" 

"In God We Trust" (Traditional)

The Great Seal of The Commonwealth of Boshka

The Great Seal of Boshka

The Commonwealth of Boshka Coat of Arms

Boshka Coat of Arms

Seal of The President of The Commonwealth of Boshka

Seal of The President of The Commonwealth of Boshka

Boshka Air Force

Boshka Intelligence Agency

Boshka Space Agency

Boshka Air Force
Boshka BIA
Boshka Space Agency

National Tree

National Animal

National Flower

National Tree of Boshka
National Animal of Boshka
National Flower of Boshka

Blue Spruce

Albino Burmese Python


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