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Mission statement

Create a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the Boshkan people and the international community.

The Department of State would like to welcome you to The Commonwealth of Boshka.


If you are a civilian, and would like to become a citizen of The Commonwealth of Boshka, please fill out the application here.  Please note, that it is free to become a citizen of The Commonwealth of Boshka.  We also have items you may purchase to show your citizenship here, or visit the Trade Market.


The Commonwealth of Boshka is currently looking to start diplomatic relations with other nations.  If you are a Government Head and would like to start diplomatic relations with Boshka, please do so by completing the form on the “Contact Us” page.


We are currently looking for developers, business owners that would like to move to The Commonwealth with NO TAXES for the first 10 years!


Thank you, and enjoy your visit to The Commonwealth of Boshka. 



Kaidence Avery

- Secretary of State

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