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27 September 2020 - Capital City, CW - The Boshka Emergency Command Center are the proud recipients of brand new telecommunications equipment from The PodRunner.

Added to the organization's emergency response arsenal are the SatRunner™ and CommandRunner XT™ systems.

The SatRunner™ system provides emergency communication during disaster response and business continuity events by ensuring fast and reliable high-speed Internet availability for response personnel. The CommandRunner XT™ system provides response personnel a professional incident command post for increased situational awareness and an operational platform for on-site dispatchers.

The acquisition of these two extremely valuable pieces of equipment was made possible through a Boshka Department of Health and Human Services Grant.

We are so thankful for the generous support from our partners in emergency preparedness. Not only will this equipment benefit the citizens of Boshka during emergency response, but it will also allow us to assist other mutual aid partners across the world.

Click here for more photos.

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