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Public Works Report 2020

27 August 2020 - Dept. of Public Works - In July 2020, the Department of Public Works (DPW) carried out detailed COVID-19 Health and Safety audits, which reported on safety and access issues for DPW workers and visitors. Subsequently, DPW staff have carried out the essential annual maintenance works to the steps leading up to the lighthouse road and workers site buildings.

The DPW commenced an extensive program of repairs to the Upper Lighthouse road in 2017. These repair works, include the installation of additional crash decks to protect staff from future rockfalls. This is ongoing and will be completed in 2021. Works have commenced on the stripping out of the Lower Lighthouse ahead of the proposed refurbishment of the Lighthouse to provide secure accommodation for DPW workers and consultants on the Island. DPW has carried out a number of inspections of the Lower Lighthouse with engineering consultants to advance this refurbishment.

Additional surveys and investigations are being carried out during the Summer in Boshka such as:

  • the National Parks and Wildlife Service has continued its ongoing program of bird surveys

  • UC School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science carried out an Erect-crested penguin survey

  • the Discovery Program will visit the Islands in September 2020 to continue their monitoring survey of the sites on the South Peak

  • a digital survey of the landing pier and fog station also will be carried out in September, weather permitting

It is expected that the DPW staff will leave the islands in early October 2020 and return in advance of the 2021 Season.

The DPW Commissioner John McMahon visited the islands on 17 July. The DPW Chairman Maurice Buckley visited the Islands on 20 July accompanied by the Chief Archaeologist Michael McDonagh of the National Monuments Service.

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