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Preparing for Disaster

15 September 2018 - Capital City, Carnswell - Today, President Bannister spoke to a crowd of 150 about disaster preparedness. "Now, is the time to prepare for a disaster, before hand. Not after." said President Bannister to the crowd at Carnswell Medical Center. Efforts are being made to prepare first responders in the events of natural and man-made disasters and how to respond to each, including how to set up shelters for those in need during times of crisis. The crowd included nurses and administrative staff that work in the public health field. This comes after the threat of hurricane Florence off the coast of the U.S. that made landfall today. "Although, Boshka is not prone to hurricanes, we occasionally see cyclones. One thing to keep in mind. A storm of any kind, is always possible." the President said.

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