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New Clock Tower Design

3 April 2019 - Central City, KL. - The design firm responsible for the new clock tower design has released a 3D model of what the tower will look like. Below, we have posted some facts that we know so far:

  • The Clock will run on a turret clock electrical system.

  • Electrical Clock System.

  • Will run using a pendulum system to make the clock turn.

  • Within the clock tower, a quartz crystal device makes the clock run precisely on a consistent basis and is only a second off every 10 years.

  • The clock tower also features fountains around the perimeter at the base. These fountains will be run by a wind sensor that can detect the wind speeds to determine the height the fountains reach.

  • The top of the tower will be a turquoise glass pyramid.

The New Boshka Clock Tower Design
Courtsey of GL Designs LLC.

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