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New alarms to be tested.

1 October 2018 - House 804 - Today, the new emergency sirens will be tested tonight.

This will include all three sirens located in the Capital City, Westloch and Orano. The test will take place at approximately 7:20 p.m. Sirens will sound for a full three minutes.

The sirens are part of the Boshka Emergency Management Division (BEMD) alert system that would inform citizens in case of an emergency. The alarms could be used to signal citizens to take shelter incases of a tornado, hurricane or incoming attacks.

Siren tests are conducted quarterly. During the tests citizens are not required to do anything. In an actual emergency, the siren would be citizens' signal to tune to radio station CBN-Radio for official info.

Alarm Signal located in the Capital City, Carnswell

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