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DFA: Mission to Zambia

8 August 2018 - Zambia -The MCC Zambia Compact is working to improve the lives of approximately 1.2 million people by providing access to clean drinking water, improved sanitation and a new lined primary drain that will reduce flooding. Our ultimate focus is on the Zambians who will benefit from MCC’s investment, and to achieve those benefits we spend most of our time implementing nine major infrastructure projects in a complex urban environment, and providing technical assistance to the local water utility and the Lusaka City Council.

          In addition to these infrastructure projects, the compact is also focused on building the capacity of the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company and the Lusaka City Council in several key areas, such as: managing and maintaining their assets; environmental management; social inclusion and gender mainstreaming; and information sharing with the public. This focus on capacity building will help these two entities to ensure the sustainability of the investment once it is handed over at the end of the compact.

          As a result of these interventions, we expect to see several benefits including: a decrease in water-borne and water-related diseases; a reduction in the time it takes for women to draw water and, as a result, more opportunities for women to engage in activities to increase their incomes; and reduced flooding and fewer losses associated with business down-turn as a result of flooding.

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