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Better Education Today for our Leaders of Tomorrow

21 June 2019 - House 804 - Next week, I will meet with the Secretary of Education to discuss a more modernized curriculum for our children to better prepare them for, not only careers, but for the real world as well.

Today, we have seen a generation of children being taught in school, essential academics in order to prepare them college, but no focus on real world skills, such as how to balance a checkbook, how to file taxes and how to sign their names in cursive.

Many of us know someone who is in collage, pursing a degree, but they lack basic everyday real world skills. This generation may be tech savvy, but can't do basic everyday tasks. I plan on changing that.

Along with implementing these key everyday life skills, we will also focus on how lessons are being taught in the school system. For example, a teacher may tell his or her students how to solve an equation by demonstrating a lengthy process, when their is a shorter, much easier way to arrive at the same solution. Our teachers are the gateway for our future and we don't want to put any more pressure on them, than what they have already. So, along with the long version of solving an equation, teachers will also have to show their students that there is a shorter way to arrive at the same solution.

We are also going to look at why college students feel so much pressure in their studies as well, enough to have to hire someone else to write their papers for them. Also known as essay mills. We want to look at why this is an issue and ease the tension off the students. Whether it's high school or a university, students should have a fun and safe environment to learn in. We want our future leaders to learn as much as they can, but at the same time, not to feel so much pressure to do so. In return, we will have produce the ideal candidate for vacant careers available in all levels.

With this new plan in place, we should start to see an increase in the number of high school graduates and college graduates and a decrease in the number of dropouts.

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