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Department of Animal Welfare

Secretary Kevin Klein

Klein was born in Orano in 1992. He has a Major in Wildlife Science from Carnswell University. Klein was appointed to office by President Bannister in 2013 after the departments creation. The department was created shortly after President Bannister made a low-profile visit to the Chief Saunooke Bear Park in NC. USA.


This Federal agency fights for animal rights, not only here in Boshka, but all over the world. On three different occasions, the department has been accredited with the closures of facilities to have been found to be abusing animals.


The most famous case was the  Chief Saunooke Bear Park in NC. USA in 2013 when they were found, personally, by President Bannister to have been abusing the bears located at the park. Most recently, the closure of the Hollywild Animal Park, where it was found that there were poor living conditions for the animals it housed. Before, 27 animals died in an "electrical fire".

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