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Who We Are

The Boshka Department of Health and Environmental Control is the nations regulatory agency charged with promoting and protecting the nation's public health and its land, air, coastal resources and water quality as authorized by federal law.


The agency has approximately 50 employees serving across the nation whose work makes a difference in the lives of Boshkans every day. The agency provides a wide range of resources and services that support a vision of healthy people living in a healthy Boshka.


To improve the quality of life for all Boshkans by protecting and promoting the health of the public and the environment.

What We Do

If you've received a birth certificate in Boshka, visited a public health department, recycled your cans and bottles here, eaten at a restaurant, breathed in the air, or swum in Boshkan waters - Boshka Department of Health & Environmental Control has touched your life.


Just a few of the agency's services include providing vital health care services, coordinating disease control, monitoring and regulating pollution, ensuring food safety, supporting healthy nutrition, responding to natural disasters, providing research and statistics on the nation's health and environment, and much more.

Programs & Divisions 

Healthy People. 

          Healthy Boshka.

Acute Disease Epidemiology

Agricultural Permitting Program

Air Permitting and Pollutants

Ambient Air Monitoring Network

Arthritis Prevention and Control


Beach Monitoring Program

Best Chance Network - Free breast and cervical cancer screenings

Birth Control/Family Planning

Birth Defects Program

Voluntary Cleanup Program

Children/Teens with Special Health Care Needs

Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation

Dams and Reservoirs Safety Program

Diabetes Prevention and Control

Drinking Water Program

Drug Control

Dry Cleaning Restoration Program

Boshka Environmental Excellence Program

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program

Environmental Laboratory Certification

Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

Hearing Screenings

Food Safety

Boshka Go Green Guide

Hazardous Waste Program

Health Licensing

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention


Infectious Waste Program

Injury And Violence Prevention

Mining and Reclamation Program

Minority Health

Newborn Screening

Non-Point Source Pollution (Stormwater)

Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity

Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

Open Burning

Oral Health

Ozone Forecasting

Permit Central

Pregnancy Testing

Public Health Nutrition

Public Water Systems


Radioactive Waste Program

Recreational Waters Program

Septic Tanks

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Sexual Violence Services Program

Shellfish Program

Solid Waste Permitting

Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling

Stormwater Program

Tobacco Prevention and Control

TB (Tuberculosis) Treatment

Teen Services at Teen Clinics

Underground Storage Tank Program

Vital Records

Wastewater Permitting

Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation

Division of Women's Health

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