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House 804

A Brief History


         House 804 it self dates back far beyond the founding of Boshka.  Seen here in the photo to the left, is where the builder of House 804 lived while building his new home, House 804.  This photo shows Lawrence Sebastian Clinkscales around 1893.  


          It’s believed that Mr. Clinkscales built House 804 around the early 1900’s.  After building House 804, he ran a local business out of the massive basement in the house that sold ice to the town.  This gives House 804 another nickname of “The Ice House”.  


  • Four floors

  • 15 full rooms.  

  • Three restrooms.

  • 14 full walk-in closets.

  • Just over 4,900 square feet.

House 804 today, is the home to The President.

Virtual Tour of House 804

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