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43rd Legislature, Premiere Session 

148th Sitting


C - 151



3 August 2018

Received; read the first time

6 August 2018



1. Short title

This Appeal may be cited as "Appeal to Article I, Section IV of The Constitution of The Commonwealth of Boshka".

Section 1.

The need for everyday citizens to own or possess a weapon no longer exists in our modern, civilized society.

Section 2.


                (A) The term "own" means, used with a possessive to emphasize that someone or something belongs or relates to the person mentioned.

               (B) The term "possess" means, have as belonging to one; own.

                (C) The term "Weapon" refers to, firearms specifically.

                (D) The term "firearms" means, a rifle, pistol, or other portable gun.

Section 3.


                (A) Article I, Section IV of The Constitution of The Commonwealth of Boshka currently reads, "All people have the right to bare arms for they are entitled to defend themselves against those who threatens the rights mentioned in  this Constitution, Justice, Tranquility, Liberty, and Posterity.

                (B) This article was written on 16 May 2007.

                (C) We understand that there are in some cases when individuals would need a weapon, but most citizens would not.


Section 4.


                (A) The following individuals would have lawful reason to own/possess a weapon. 

                                 (1) Those individuals who are currently serving in our military.

                                 (2) Those individuals who are currently in law enforcement.

                                 (3) Those individuals who have proven to rely on hunting for the use of meat for food.


Section 5.


               (A) Article I, Section IV should be revised to read as follows:


                                (1) "Only those who serve in our military, law enforcement and those who survive from the meat they hunt shall possess                                                        firearms. As in the civilized society we have become, the need for firearms no longer exists."


Passed in The House of Commons 6 August 2018.


            Natalya Ivashov - Clerk

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