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43rd Legislature, Premiere Session 

148th Sitting


C - 150



1 August 2018

Received; read the first time

1 August 2018



1. Short title

This Act may be cited as "The Protection of Human Life Act of 2018".

Section 1.

To protect human life at all costs.

Section 2.

The following individuals have the right to life without outside interference:

-  Individuals in a coma/vegetative state.

- An unborn child.

Section 3.

(A) Definitions

          (1) Coma/Vegetative State - 

                        The term "Coma/Vegetative state" means in a vegetative state the person is still unconscious. They have no awareness of themselves or their environment. The main difference between 'coma' and the 'vegetative state' is that at some point the person's eyes will be open and there will be times when they seem to be 'awake'.

          (2) Brian Activity - 
                         The term "Brian Activity" means An Electroencephalography (EEG) records the electrical activity of your brain via electrodes affixed to your scalp. EEG results show changes in brain activity that may be useful in diagnosing brain conditions, especially epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

          (3) Medical Professional-

                           The term "Medical Professional" means licensed Medial Doctor.

           (4) Unborn child - 

                            The term "unborn child" means a child that has not yet been born. 

Article 1.

           An individual in a coma/vegetative state has the right to live, so long there is significant sign of brain activity determined by a medical professional.

- It would be unlawful for a second party to determine weather or not if this individual should live.

Article 2.

           An unborn child has the right to life without the consent of a second party..


- Abortions, with no exceptions would be unlawful.


Section 4.


(A) Effective date.

       These provisions are to take effect 1 January 2019.


Passed in The House of Commons 1 August 2018.


            Natalya Ivashov - Clerk

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